Your Guide To The Perfect Pre-Move Clear Out

It’s well known that moving to a new home can be a particularly stressful process, with finding a new home, putting your current property up for sale, planning renovations and more. There’s a whole lot to think about before you even begin to prepare for packing – and that’s incredibly stressful in itself.


One way that you can certainly streamline this process is by getting rid of all the clutter lying around your home before you start packing up for your new home. After all, the less things you find you have to pack, the easier this part of the moving process can be. The problem is, it’s so easy to accumulate belongings throughout your home the years, it can be difficult to know where to begin.


In order to help you out with the process, he’s our advice on taking on a top-quality pre-move clear out.


Handle It One Room At A Time


Clearing your entire home of clutter can be understandably overwhelming, so you’re always best to take it room by room, one at a time. Not only will this make the task seem a whole lot more manageable, but it’ll make it easier to keep track of where you’re up to.


It’s always a good idea to get the biggest part of a task out of the way first, so we would recommend starting with the room where you feel you have the most clutter to get through. This might be a garage, a loft, a cellar or even a spare room that has become something of a de facto storage unit over the years – wherever it is, if you know you barely use any of belongings being kept there, tackle this first. Once you get through this part of the process, sorting out your more commonly used and less cluttered areas will feel like a piece of cake.


After that, take it room by room in whichever order you like. We’d recommend continuing the pattern of taking on the more cluttered parts of the home first, but it is entirely up to you. It’s a big project, but it’ll get easier with every room you finish clearing.


Take Some Advice From Marie Kondo


Taking the job one room at a time is one thing, but you can section the process off even further.


Netflix’s resident decluttering expert Marie Kondo famously recommended splitting your clear-out into different groups – clothing, books, papers, miscellaneous items and sentimental items.


Using this method, your first step in your bedroom should be taking an extra close look at the contents of your wardrobe and getting rid of anything that you no longer wear. After that, scour the room for any books and papers and take a look through these. Once you’ve handled these steps, move onto the smaller items – likely the category that most of your household clutter will fit into and where you’ll see the biggest difference. As for sentimental items, there’s rarely any clutter amongst these, but it’s always worth taking a look.


It goes without saying that not every room will have items fitting into all five categories, which certainly makes the overall job seem a little less daunting, doesn’t it?


Don’t Hoard!


We’re all guilty of holding onto certain belongings because we just might need them at some point – whether they’ve seen the light of day in the last few years or not.


Whilst understandable and all a part of human nature, it’s not the most effective way to approach a clear-out. In this case, it’s best to set yourself certain rules regarding what gets to stay and what needs to go – don’t be afraid to get a little bit ruthless.


For example, if you’ve got DVDs lying around that you’ve just never gotten rid of, ask yourself why exactly you’re holding onto them. Are these shows or films available on a streaming service? Have you even watched them in the last few years? Do you have any intention of watching them again?


Similar rules can be applied to almost everything – don’t be tempted to keep clothes that you haven’t worn for a particularly long time, don’t hold onto books that you’ve already read, etc.


It might be hard at first, but getting rid of the things that you may just be hoarding for no reason will make your moving process far easier in the long run.


Make A Profit!


They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure – and it’s never been easier to find the treasure hunter in question!


If you’ve got items that are in good condition but that you simply don’t need anymore, whether that’s clothes, DVDs, books or other household items, there could be someone out there that’ll take them off your hands. Why not place some of your items up for sale via a local Buy & Sell group, eBay or DePop?


However, it’s no good holding onto these items if they don’t appear to be generating any interest. We recommend getting rid of any items that have been up for sale without a buyer for more than a few weeks, otherwise you may just end up taking them to your new home with you.


Ready To Go? Call On Us


Once you’ve finished your clear out, it’s finally time to get the rest of your moving plans in place!


Here at JMC Removals, we offer a wide range of different removal services to clients across Warrington and the wider Cheshire area. We can handle every aspect of the removals process for you, from providing packing supplies, to packing, to loading and transporting your belongings – and we’ll do it all with special attention paid to care and professionalism.


If you’re looking for more information or would like to book our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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