How To Pack & Prepare For Moving Like A Pro

Moving home is often a very exciting process – but it can also be incredibly stressful.


With switching bills and services, getting your kids into new schools, organising decorators or refurbishments and more, there’s a lot to keep in mind – and that’s before you begin to consider the mammoth task of packing up everything that you own.


Packing and prepping your belongings for moving to a new home yourself will always be an arduous task – luckily, there are a few things that you can do to make it that little bit easier. We’ll also let you in on a way that you can pack your home for moving with very little involvement by yourself!


Here are JMC Removal’s top tips for packing and preparing your belongings for moving like a pro.


Start With A Clear Out


The less items you have in your possession, the easier the packing process will be overall!


Start by going through your belongings room by room and deciding what’s coming with you to your new home and what can be donated, sold or recycled. You should quickly find the volume of things to pack getting smaller…


Our two biggest things to remember here would be to be strict with yourself – always ask yourself ‘Do I really need this?’ before keeping an item – and to do this far in advance of your moving date. Any clear out should be completed before you start packing to avoid making the process more complicated for yourself.


Get Supplies Early


How many times have you come to begin packing, only to realise that you don’t have anywhere near enough cardboard boxes – and where did all the tape go?


In order to minimise stress when it comes to packing time, we’d recommend beginning to gather packing supplies as soon as you know for certain that you will be moving to a new home.


You’ll need cardboard boxes of varying sizes, tape and bubble wrap (or newspaper, for a much more eco-friendly alternative), as well as markers. Of course, these can all be bought online these days, but by starting far in advance, you’ll be able to gather some supplies from friends, family and local companies, often at no cost at all.


Start With Your Most Non-Essential Items


When it comes to the first steps of packing, you should always start with the items that you need the least within your day to day life.


It goes without saying that decorative or ornamental items are perhaps the logical starting point. Not only are these items non-essential to everyday living, they are also often rather fragile and need to be wrapped in protective materials such as bubble wrap or newspaper, making them some of the most time-consuming items to wrap.

We’d recommend starting with these items no later than three weeks before your moving date, depending on the size of your home and volume of things that you’ll need to wrap.


Pack Duplicate Items Early On


We’d recommend packing items such as plates, bowls and mugs early on. Like decorative items, these items are often fragile and therefore more time-consuming to wrap.


Of course, you’ll need at least one of each item to be kept out for use until moving day – a glass for each person in the household, plates, dishes, etc. – but keeping this to a minimum and packing the rest will save you plenty of time in the long run.


The very same goes for items such as books and DVDs – these are often items that you have many of, despite never using many of them. If you’re taking these items with you to you new home, pack them early to save some time.


Mark Every Box Clearly


Marking your boxes clearly will help the removal company and will help you when it comes to unpacking.


Of course, everyone knows to mark their boxes according to the individual room that the items belong in, but it’s important to go a little more in-depth than this to make things as convenient as possible.


When picking up supplies, remember to get hold of items such as ‘Fragile’ tape for boxes containing breakables. Remember to also mark boxes with the names of individual items to make unpacking easier, such as ‘Cutlery’ or ‘Chargers’, etc.


Create An ‘Essentials’ List


To minimise stress on moving day, it’s great to ensure that everything is packed and ready to go a few days beforehand. In order to do this, you’ll need to keep an essentials list and only keep your most-used items aside in the lead-up.


For example, the minimum amount of plates and cutlery that you need, clothes for moving day, toiletries and toothbrush, etc. – anything that you’d need on a daily basis. Try to keep this to a minimum, however, as it will all need to be packed on moving day.


Call On Us To Handle It


If all this sounds like an overwhelming amount of work, there is another way – let us handle your packing for you!


Here at JMC, we offer a fully customisable packing service, so that you can shift as much or as little of the packing responsibilities onto us if you need to. We can even provide you with all the necessary packing supplies ourselves.


It’s just one part of the wide range of moving services that we offer here at JMC Removals, including our timely and professional moving day service. If you’re in the Warrington area and are moving to a new home, please don’t hesitate to contact us to help you!

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